Opportunity to make up to $5000 with me!

by Chicken Tribe

Posted on September, 24 2019 at 01:35 AM

Dear Warrior Forum Girls and Boys,

I'm excited to announce my next and hopefully successful project!!!

Thanks to everyone that was a part of my businesses in 2014. Great job! Without you I wouldn't make it. :)

I want to offer the share of my earnings with you, up to $5000 a month! If you know how to write great converting headlines this would be easy money in your pocket!

I just finished programming this very site you are on.

All you have to do to make money with me is:

1) Write great headlines
2) Come up with fresh content

That's all!

We will make money on the advertising from the website... Your pay out shall not exceed $5000. However, that’s a HUGE sum of money for many.

I will share all advertising reports with you (Or, I’ll pay $5000 flat when the ad earnings reach the target). This way you can assure yourself that you will get paid.

You can see a live page here (you'll do similar pages) :
Watch How Grandma Reacts To Nicki Minaj!

If you have great Facebook skills then pm me on Warrior Forum(eugenedm) or contact here.

We will make money on the ads on the right sidebar and on the top. Some of them are Google Adsense and some of them are Clickbank.

I need absolutely best few people. If you think you are one of them please contact me.

Be a part of my project. You can make money with me.

I will give you reports of my advertising income all open book. So you can know 100% and see what's up.

I'm currently taking only 2 people to complete this project.

Questions? Please ask me.

Gene Adam

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