Hungry For Some Laughter? Watch This Man Get Excited Over His Food and You'll Be Laughing So Hard After 2 Minutes!

by Chicken Tribe

Posted on December, 12 2019 at 09:03 AM


Warning: Make Sure you aren't eating food whilst watching this video, this will make you choke from too much laughter!


Here's most of the translation:


0:54 It's going to be delicious

1:13 I ordered miso soup but why is it so red?

1:17 Hold on

1:26 I ordered miso soup not this ....

1:31 It's hot it's hot!

1:53 What is this?
          Wonder what it is?
          Is it an extra?
          Is it dumpling?
          Did they give me something delicious?
          What is it what is it?

2:07 Damn these are just side dishes

2:27 It's going to be delicious (multiple times)

2:34 I'm going to enjoy this

2:48 It's kimchi kimchi! What to do what to do?

3:10 it's going to be delicious!

3:31 wow it has ohdaeng
          I think they gave me ohdaeng as an extra...
          Oh there's ohdaeng.
          Ahhh I am so smart!

3:58 So much praiseworthy so much praiseworthy!


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